About Candidate


Carlo Sanchez has always called District 47B his home. His parents immigrated here from El Salvador in the 1970s seeking a better life. They eventually settled down in Langley Park, where they had and raised Carlo.

 Graduating from Takoma Academy in 2000, he worked full time to support himself while in college, eventually earning his associate’s degree from Montgomery County Community College and his bachelor’s from University of Maryland, College Park.

 While taking classes at MC, Carlo happened upon a rally held on campus for then-State Senator Chris Van Hollen, who was running for Congress. Carlo was inspired by the senator’s message of empowerment and began volunteering for his campaign. After the election, Carlo enjoyed the experience so much he began helping out on other local campaigns while balancing his full time job and college education.

 His first experience advocating on behalf of his community came as a member of the Carol Highlands Neighborhood Association (CHNA). Initially just trying to make sure that the community he lived in reflected the one he wanted to live in, he quickly became president of the association. During his tenure, he made sure that the increasingly diverse neighborhood maintained the inclusivity that had brought him there in the first place.

 His tenure as president ending, Carlo become increasingly interested in pushing for more progressive policies in the county. This lead to Carlo being elected to the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee, a position Carlo still holds.

 When he isn’t fighting for the rights of his constituents, Carlo is as a Public Safety Training Officer at MC, where is trains faculty, staff, and students on emergency procedures and protocols. He is currently doing trainings focusing on active shooters on campuses, a topic he has given national presentations on.

 Carlo currently lives in Takoma Park with his wife, an operating room nurse and member of UFCW 400.




By Authority of Friends of Carlo Sanchez, Angie Moy Treasurer